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VIP Clothing Ltd. is leading Indian company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of innerwear. We market well-known brands like VIP Innerwear, Frenchie, Frenchie X, and VIP Feelings and all of their sub brands. VIP Clothing Limited's brands and their extensions occupy leadership positions with significant market shares in the respective categories.

VIP Clothing Ltd. is present throughout the spectrum of innerwear industry, with VIP innerwear in budget and economy segment straddling across all demographic segments. Frenchie is the generic brand in briefs market which owns crown of transformation of traditionally conservative innerwear market. Frenchie X is present in the premium segment for youth where most of the action is seen as lot of international brands are trying to enter.

In lingerie's segment VIP feelings represents VIP Clothing Ltd. This brand is known for its innovations and creation of categories such as Nursing Bra's, Sanitary Panties.

We are proud to be a research driven organization with TUV - ISO 9000 certification that reflect our emphasis on quality and excellence. We have vertically integrated operations from sourcing raw material (Cotton) to finished garments

Today the group has a dealer network of 550 and 110,000 retail outlets in India alone with scope for further growth, which the group is intent on exploiting. VIP Clothing Ltd. today boasts of six regional offices with a sales force of over 150 highly motivated individuals marketing our products throughout the major towns

Our Mission

Join hands together, to become an international symbol of excellence through continuous customer satisfaction, innovation, manpower development, productivity improvement, quality improvement, cost reduction and time management.

Our Vision

"To be present in every Indian wardrobe and go globally"

Mr. Jaykumar Pathare (Founder Chairman)

Mr. Jaykumar Pathare (04th May, 1936 – 16th January, 2016) a founder of VIP innerwear Brand, the first intimate innerwear brand, and mastermind behind an empire of VIP innerwear, that revolutionised the innerwear industries. He was an inspiring leader with sterling qualities, successful entrepreneurs, who believed in generating young entrepreneur and guiding force for to new talents. For many, he remains an icon, a role model to be emulated. He believed in “Earn while you learn”.

His vision had revolutionised the intimate industries in India, he marched ahead with his mission of joining hands together and becoming an international standard of excellence through continuous customer satisfaction with innovative ideas, new thinking, energising the human power, improving quality with cost reduction and achieve well in time.

He had worked towards contribution to the society, in the field of education and economic development of people and society at large and he had been recognised by numerous organisations. He was associated with the following organisation in Education filed, 1) Gokhale Education Society, Mumbai – Trustee, 2) New education Society, Kolhapur – Vice President,3) Kalyan Education Society, Kalyan – Vice Chairman, 4) Brahmanpada Education Society, Ulhasnagar – Member, 5) Birla College, Kalyan – Governing Council Member. In Social field like 1) Kalyan Eye Hospital, Kalyan – President, 2) Lions Club of International – Member, 3) Kalyan Gayan Samaj – Trustee, 4) Union Cricket Club, Kalyan – President, 5) Fighter Sports Club, Kolhapur – Advisor and 6) Astitva Dombivli – Life Member.

He was honoured by well-known institute of Yadnavalkya Yajurved Brahman Sabha by Mr. Manohar Joshi, Saket Gyanpeeth, Kalyan and Gokhale Education Society’s Engineering College; Nashik honoured him by scientist Mr. Shankarrao Gowarikar, and also honoured as a successful businessman by Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank and socialite by Ex-Vice President of India, Mr. Bhairon Singh Shekhavat.

He visualised the growth of VIP Clothing Ltd. as an integral part of his grand vision for knitted hosiery industries in India. He was convinced that India could become an economic superpower within a short period of time and contribute towards growth.

Mr. Sunil.J.Pathare (Chairman & Managing Director)

Mr. Sunil J. Pathare joined the Company at 21 and headed the international business department of the Company and due to his endeavor we are now present in the more 15 countries. He is a visionary entrepreneur who conceived and idea of developing innerwear business in India and has extensive experience in Marketing, Production Operation, Sales, Finance and Advertising.

He was the National Vice President of Foreign Trade Development (India) Association from 2003 to 2005. He has been awarded for excellence in manufacturing by CMAI, “Entrepreneurship Excellence Award 2007” by SME Chamber of India, Indira Group of Institutes award for Marketing excellence in March, 2012, IFA – Most admired Innerwear Brand of the year, Inside Fashion Brand Award VIP for excellence in Retail, Golden Trophy by CMAI- for best men’s innerwear in 2006-07 and best women’ innerwear in 2007-08, and also excellence in Advertising at 38th all India award ABBY – 2005, also won Brand Slam award on 2013- October

Mr. Sunil.J.Pathare (Chairman & Managing Director)

Mr. Sunil J. Pathare joined the Company at 21 and headed the international business department of the Company and due to his endeavor we are now present in the more 15 countries. He is a visionary entrepreneur who conceived and idea of developing innerwear business in India and has extensive experience in Marketing, Production Operation, Sales, Finance and Advertising.

He was the National Vice President of Foreign Trade Development (India) Association from 2003 to 2005. He has been awarded for excellence in manufacturing by CMAI, “Entrepreneurship Excellence Award 2007” by SME Chamber of India, Indira Group of Institutes award for Marketing excellence in March, 2012, IFA – Most admired Innerwear Brand of the year, Inside Fashion Brand Award VIP for excellence in Retail, Golden Trophy by CMAI- for best men’s innerwear in 2006-07 and best women’ innerwear in 2007-08, and also excellence in Advertising at 38th all India award ABBY – 2005, also won Brand Slam award on 2013- October

Mr. Kapil J.Pathare (Whole time Director)

Mr. Kapil Pathare joined the VIP Clothing Ltd. Group at the age of 21. Since the beginning he focused more on various aspects of Manufacturing with clear concept of quality & services.

With his enthusiasm and customer oriented global vision, he has made a great difference in Manufacturing and Marketing styles. He plans to make the Brand a world class name to reckon with.

He has recently published book “Cricket to Corporate “as an author, where he has stroke the Cricketing field strategy to the field of Board room.

Mr. Kapil received his Bachelor in Commerce degree and Master in Business Administration from Mumbai University.

Mrs. Meher Castelino (Women Director)

Born in Bombay MeherCastelino’s involvement with fashion and beauty goes back to 1964 when she was the first Miss India selected by Femina soon after graduating from Lawrence School, Lovedale. She represented the country at the Miss Universe and Miss United Nations Contests in Miami Beach, Florida and Majorca Spain.

A famous commercial and catwalk model for over 14 years, she has appeared in over 2000 live fashion shows, in India and around the globe many of which were conceived and directed by her. She has also headed the designing departments of export as well as local fashion houses.

The pioneer of fashion journalism in India since her first article in Eve’s Weekly in 1973, Ms. Castelino has been a full time fashion/lifestyle journalist and syndicated columnist having written for nearly 150 national and international newspapers and magazines.

She, authored the only book on men’s fashion, MANSTYLE published in 1987. Her second book FASHION KALEIDOSCOPE was released in 1994 and traces the evolution of Indian high fashion from 1960-1990. Her satire blog on fashion for Stylekandy.com is one of the most widely read on the web. She is the official writer for Lakmé Fashion Week since 2006 reporting all over the globe.

Ms. Castelino has been invited by Germany, France, Italy, USA, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, Netherlands and Singapore to view haute couture fashion shows of international designers and interview them.

Ms. Castelino was awarded the Hall of Fame Fashion writer Award at the Kingfisher Fashion Awards in 2001.

Her second Award was Achievement in Fashion Media from Young Environmentalists Trust on March 7 2012 to celebrate International Women’s Day Ms. Castelino was also honoured by the B D Somani Institute of Fashion Technology with an Award for her contribution to fashion for three decades on May 6 2012.

Mr. Robin Banerjee (Independent Director)

Mr. Robin Banerjee is trained as a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and Company Secretary and has Associate Membership of the respective Institutes in India. He has over 33 years of professional experience in finance and Corporate Management, including strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and strategic business development. Mr. Robin Banerjee does not hold any equity shares of the Company. He is a Managing Director in Caprihans India Limited.

Mr. Gopal Sehjpal (Independent Director)

Mr. GopalSehjpal is the Independent Director of the Company. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Arts (with Commerce and Economics) and a Master's Degree in Arts (Philosophy) from the University of Delhi. He also has a Diploma in Personnel Management from the University of Delhi. He worked at Kodak (India) for over 3 decades in the areas of sales, administration, branch management, human resources (as the head) and also as the head of a profit centre. He is currently working as a Management Consultant and trainer. He is also an Independent Director in Lovable Lingerie Limited, Chairman of Investor & Grievance Committee and Member of Audit and Remuneration Committee. He is fellow member of the Institute of Management Consultants of India, Life Member with the Bombay Management Association and Indian Institute of Quality Management and is an individual member with Consultancy Development Centre (Ministry of Science and Technology, GOI).

Mr. Chetan Sheth (Independent Director)

Mr. ChetanSheth is qualified as Production Engineer and comes with over 26 years of professional experience in the manufacturing engineering and Corporate Management.


Mr. Sunil J. Pathare (Chairman)

Mr. Kapil J. Pathare

Mr. Gopal Sehjpal

Mr. Chetan Sheth

Mr. Robin Banerjee


Mr. Gopal Sehjpal (Chairman)

Mr. Chetan Sheth

Mr. Robin Banerjee

Mr. Sunil Pathare

Terms of Reference of Audit Committee


Mr. Chetan Sheth (Chairman)

Mr. Gopal Sehjpal

Mrs. Meher Castelino

Mr. Robin Banerjee

Terms of Reference of Nomination & Remuneration Committee


Mr. Sunil Pathare (Chairman)

Mr. Kapil Pathare

Mr. Gopal Sehjpal


Mrs. Meher Castelino (Chairman)

Mr. Chetan Sheth

Mr. Robin Banerjee

Mr. Sunil Pathare

Mr. Kapil Pathare

Mr. Gopal Sehjpal

Terms of Reference SR Committee


Mr. Sunil Pathare (Chairman)

Mr. Kapil Pathare

Mr. Chetan Sheth

Mr. Gopal Sehjpal

Mrs. Meher Castelino

Terms of Reference CSR Committee

Devendra Vyas (Chief Finance Controller)

Mr.Devendra Vyas, at 41 is been associated with VIP Clothing Ltd. since 2012. By Profession he is Chartered Accountant & completed his Master’s in Business Administration. He carries more than 17 yrs of experiences in variant industries.

His versatile experience in Costing, Accounting, MIS, Internal & Statutory Audit and Taxation are his key strength areas. Mr Vyas, has laid out various strategies & few processes to get system organised.

Apart from Accounting he is also involved with entire IT management of VIP Clothing Ltd. too. His major contribution is involved in transformation of IT system, where the Customised ERP is migrated to SAP which is successfully running process and well adapted within system.

Mr Devendra was earlier associated with J.K Cement, Prince Pipe and fittings, & Kanchan Mixer Grinders at different position in all together with the responsibility of Accounting, Risk management and Statutory Auditing which was his key role responsibility and specialized area for the contribution to growth of the organisation.

Customer Focus

In order to provide the best service to our customers, we actively seek potential employees who share our customer philosophy. We then do our best to establish an environment where we all can work independently and creatively and enjoy our time at the office. In support of that environment, we have a commitment to competitive compensation, open communications and employee involvement in the business.

Within our industry, we have earned a reputation for high quality service. This often differentiates us from our competitors. Our reputation is a direct result of the commitment, loyalty and continuing efforts of each of us at VIP Clothing Ltd.

It is the responsibility of every employee to treat our customers with respect and consideration. Each Customer should be handled with the same care, although priorities may dictate that certain time-sensitive situations are addressed first on any given day. Any difficult issue with a customer or supplier can be handled calmly and civilly.

Also It is our responsibility to treat each other with empathy and respect.

Ethical Conduct

Integrity, both personal and professional, is crucial to our business success. As an organization, we prosper or fail based in large part on our reputation for being honest, ethical and trustworthy, whether with our clients or our suppliers. Our organizational integrity depends on the ethical conduct of each team member and must be carefully safeguarded.

Employees must project the true image of the company in its dealings with suppliers, vendors and other service providers. By and large gifts and favours from any businessmen or organizations should be avoided.

If any employee undertake directly or indirectly any business activity which directly or indirectly involves the company, it should be done with the express consent of the Directors / Company Head.

Equal Employment Opportunity

We are committed to providing equal opportunity in all of our employment practices, including hiring, promotion and compensation, to all applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, age or disability.

No Employee of VIP Clothing Ltd. will indulge in discrimination on the basis of any such criterion.

Harassment at workplace

VIP Clothing Ltd. seeks to create and support an environment in which all of us (including those seeking to join the company), our customers and suppliers are free from any type of harassment. Any form of harassment related to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, citizenship status, age or disability is antithetical to the direction of our company.

No employee will indulge in slurs or offensive remarks, jokes, or other verbal, graphic or physical conduct, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, unwelcome or offensive touching and any conduct of a sexual nature.

Drug and Alcohol abuse

The use of alcohol during the workday is neither allowed nor do we come to work under the influence of alcohol. If you are suspected of being under the influence, you may be subject to medical testing.

Likewise, we do not tolerate the possession or use of illegal drugs. If you are suspected of violating this policy, you may be required to submit to drug screens, blood tests or other medical examinations, and may be terminated if you refuse to comply or test positive for illegal drugs. Because off-premises possession, use or sale of illegal drugs may reflect unfavorably on the company’s reputation, such conduct would also be considered a violation of company policy.

To protect the safety and property of all of us, the company reserves the right to inspect any property that you bring on the premises, including your automobile.

Medication prescribed by a physician is acceptable as long as it is not misused or abused. If you are taking a prescription drug that may affect your ability to perform your job, you should notify the Personnel Manager


To ensure a healthy, clean and productive work environment, smoking is prohibited in the office. If you must smoke outside the premises, please dispose of your cigarette butts and wrappers properly (totally extinguished and ultimately placed in a garbage receptacle). Any smoking must be done before, after work hours, or at lunch time.


All employees are required to record their attendance in their respective shifts either electronically or manually whichever is applicable to them.

Working Hours

All employees of VIP Clothing Ltd. are expected to work for 9 hours per day as per the timings and shifts applicable to them.

Lunch / Dinner Timings

Lunch / Dinner timing permitted for all employees is half an hour as per the schedule allotted to them. Employees are expected to return to their places of work in time. Any overstaying beyond the allotted time will result in deduction of wages proportionately. Also employees will take lunch at the designated places provided for this purpose.

Outdoor Duty

Employees who are required to go out for official work during their working time should take prior authorization from the HOD in the outdoor duty form.


Employees are eligible for different types of leaves to attend to their personal and social needs. It is necessary that the employee plan his leave and gets prior sanction from the HOD so that the HOD can plan the departmental work accordingly.

Unplanned absence from work

If you are unable to attend work for any unplanned reason, you must contact your HOD at the earliest opportunity to advise him / her of the reason for your absence and the likely duration. If your absence continues you must keep your HOD and immediate superior informed about when you are likely to return.

Immediately after resuming duty you will fill the leave card get the signature of the HOD and submit it to the personnel department failing which you will be marked absent during those days.


Employees are expected to choose the media which is effective as well as cheap.

Notice Boards: In order to be aware of the day to day happenings and important events employees are expected to go through the Notice boards regularly.

Telephones: The telephones in the company are meant to be used for official business of the company. It should be used effectively and efficiently. Conversation should be brief and to the point.

Employees should not encourage outside parties to call them in the office for personal work unless it is very urgent.

As far as possible one should speak politely and softly on the phone so that others do not get disturbed.

Mobile phones should either be switched off or kept in silent mode during the meetings.

As far as possible internal extensions should be used for communication within the workplace and calling any employee on mobiles (when he is at the place of work) should be discouraged.

Fax: Facility of sending fax is available at all group companies. It should be used judiciously and in case of exigencies. For example if the communication can be made with E-Mails then the use of fax should be discouraged.

Photocopying: Photocopy machines are available at all group companies. However it should be used judiciously and wherever E-Mail can be used one should avoid taking printouts and making photocopies.

Email & Internet: E-Mail and Internet: As far as possible the use of E-Mail and Internet should be restricted to the official work. We are working towards attaining a paperless office.

Material to go out only with proper Gate pass

No employee will carry company property out except that which have been officially issued should be carried outside the premises without proper documents and permission in writing.


Employees should not disclose any confidential information to any outside entity.


Employees will use all the safety gears given to them and shall not resort to methods which can result in untoward accidents and whenever an accident, however small, occurs; the information should be given to the personnel department.

Children in the workplace

Due to liability issues and in the interest of a professional work environment, we cannot allow children in the office for any reason other than a short visit. If your child is visiting the office, please keep the visit brief and make sure your child is under your supervision at all times. Children are never allowed in the storage area.

Security Inspection

VIP Clothing Ltd. wishes to maintain a work environment that is free of illegal drugs, alcohol, firearms, explosives, or other improper materials. To this end, the company prohibits the possession, transfer, sale or use of such material on its premises. The company requires the cooperation of all employees in administering this policy.

Desks and other storage devices may be provided for the convenience of employees but remains the sole property of the company. Accordingly, any agent or representative of the company can inspect them, as well as any articles found within them, at any time, either with or without prior notice.

VIP Clothing Ltd. likewise wishes to discourage theft or unauthorized possession of the property of employees, of the company, visitors, and customers. To facilitate enforcement of this policy, the company or its representative may inspect not only desks, but also persons entering and / or leaving the premises, and any packages or other belongings. If you wish to avoid inspection of any articles or materials, do not bring such items onto the company’s premises.

VIP Clothing Ltd.'s brand VIP Innerwear, Frenchie, Frenchie X, VIP Feelings have won several awards at different platforms.

"The Most Admired No.1 Brand" for the year 2001, 2002, 2003-04, 2005, 2007-08. VIP Clothing Ltd. thanks all its valuable customer, distributors, & retailers."

VIP has won "Brand of the Year" Golden Scale Trophy for men's innerwear segment in CMAI's Apex Apparel Awards in 2006-07 and 2007-08.

VIP Feelings has won "Brand of the Year" Golden Scale Trophy for women's innerwear segment in CMAI's Apex Apparel Awards in 2007-08.

Frenchie X has won the Bronze in Asian Brand Congress in 2005 for its Advertising Campaign.