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Talent Sourcing

Because of our four decade's heritage and an image of VIP brand, sourcing is somewhat easier at VIP Clothing Ltd. Employees among themselves spread the word for required talent and at many times we get the people of requisite quality. We have an email facility available with us as : resumes@viporg.com and anyone can apply to the said email id. Resumes received on this email are periodically assessed, as & when there is a talent requirement. Job portals such as Naukri.com. , Monster.com, Times Jobs.com and even Shine.com are hired from time to time.

Values & Ethics @ VIP Clothing Ltd.

VIP Clothing Ltd. Values & Ethics is embodied in Organizational policies and philosophy at large over a period of four decades. In fact, these principles of Values & Ethics are guiding denominators for our employees. In real sense the Company always thinks for talent acquisition and their retention as a Fundamental policy. It is rightly stated that “People Matters”. Owing to this principle, VIP Clothing Ltd. attracts highly caliber talent and works on how to retain them by providing career path and meeting their aspirations.

The Company, always consider an investment in Human Capital as an Asset in order to not to deliver only results but achieving 'Employee Delight'. Competitive pay packages matching the best in Industry indeed achieves employee engagement at workplace. Periodic training & development to enhance competencies is the backbone of our Industry which in other words creates cohesive environment and puts the employee on a fast track.

Coupled with this, various career growth options are offered to young professionals. Recently we have changed the gear and have achieved go-live on SAP; powered by our strong IT support. This has indeed been an achievement of the Team VIP Clothing Ltd. which was accelerated in a short span of four months.

VIP Clothing Ltd. @ Training & Development:

Our all employees are sufficiently exposed to acquire domain expertise by providing in-house training. Training & Development at VIP Clothing Ltd. begins at the stage from identification of training needs for employees, within all functions. Most of the time, seminars and workshops are arranged only for VIP Clothing Ltd. employees and customized. Skills development, soft skills developments and overall business leadership development are the three phases, by & large employee are undergoing in up-gradation their skills. We recruit people from a diverse background and cosmopolitan culture from all corners of India and even foreign origin employees. An objective of having varied culture of employees in the Company, is to get a blend in culture, speaking various vernacular languages, celebrating regional festivals and composing all less than one roof.

Organizational Communication:

As a Management, we believe in Organizational Communication Model from top to bottom. For better clarity and absolute transparency, our communication style is from Management to Employees. However, while saying so employees’ feedback and open-door policy for all employees is the key to success in Organizational Communication. We ensure all employees understand our business and what is happening around the world. We do communicate achievements & celebrate success. We do have implemented various policies such as Employees’ Gradation Policy, Policy on Business Tours & Travels, Policy on Child Labour, Policy on Non-discrimination at Workplace and in Employment of the Company, Policy on CSR, Policy on Mobile Cell phone and other means of Business Communication, Policy on Leaves & Paid Holidays, Policy on Freedom of Expression, Exercising Human Rights, Freedom of Association and Right to Information at Workplace, Policy on Employees’ Safety, Health and Environmental Protection, Policy on Work Place Emergencies And Evacuation Plan, Policy on Zero Tolerance against Abuse, Policy on Urgent Business Needs and Ways to Deal with Such Situations.

Rewards, Appreciation & Recognition:

Reward, Appreciation & Recognition is the way VIP Clothing Ltd. lived yesterday, today and will continue in future too. A long heritage and best success stories is a part of our embodied culture. We do not only work, but work with passion, ownership of tasks assigned to us and dedicated in delivering business and always keeping in mind the needs of our customers across the world, no matter what part of business we work for in the organization. We do have responsibility to encourage everyone and channelizing the energies of all at VIP Clothing Ltd. We have made a significant investment in providing the necessary tools and resources to train & develop our workforce, thereby ensuring that, we are best positioned to meet the goals and objectives of an Ideal Global Organization.

Everyone who works for VIP Clothing Ltd. contributes to its success. At VIP Clothing Ltd., we recognize this and are committed to being one of the best employers. We offer a competitive reward package that underpins our business performance and compares favorably with our competitors. And it's not just about the base pay, our benefits range from staff discounts, to share save plans, to great pension offerings etc. Our approach in dealing with human capital is always Just, Fair & Reasonable. All employees at VIP Clothing Ltd. are classified as Management Grades, Executive Grades, Supervisory Staff & Allied one and they are rewarded with reasonably good pay-packages, incentives too for achieving higher targets.

Update your resumes at : resumes@viporg.com