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Mature, robust, dependable and composed;

a true representation of the Indian male, that's what brand VIP stands for. The brand came from the simple belief that even the common man deserved to be treated like dignitary – a person to be reckoned with.

VIP was created to satiate the discerning taste of Indian Consumer. For more than 40 years, VIP has been consistently delivering quality products that provide utmost comfort to the consumer coupled with style quotient. Offering a range of products that not only appeal to one’s aesthetic senses but also provide a regal level of comfort; we make sure that every VIP user feels like a real VIP.

The brand name was coined keeping the common man in sight. The idea then, as now, was to make him feel privileged. Today, it additionally stands for quality, value-for-money and innovation. It has handled a difficult subject with tact and élan and developed an intimate relationship with the consumer.

VIP has always been an energetic brand. It realised that the market is substantially comfort driven where the trade plays a significant role. As a result of this knowledge its promotions are always strategic and drive home the point of both comforts and durability. VIP's advertising campaign starring Dara Singh is still remembered for its payoff line – Majboot Aisa Dara Singh Jaisa. The effort brought the brand to the centre stage. But it was its line "Jab Andar Se Aaram to Har Mushkil Aasan" that made VIP a household name.

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The launch of Frenchie in the eighties marked the advent of mini-brief in India. Original in concept & design, Frenchie took the young urban Indian male by fantasy & gave him a taste of international style.

'Saving a damsel in distress', any man's greatest fantasy; that's how Frenchie introduced itself to the Indian male. And rest is history! Today, Frenchie wears the crown of being the largest selling brand in its category.

Rebellious by nature the brand has been evolving according to the changing environment and constantly upgrading consumer. In the last 30 years of its service to the pragmatic Indian consumer the brand has never lost its core – that is being fashionably contemporary and relevant.

For the urban Indian male, Frenchie isn’t just a valued possession; it's a symbol of style, daring, innovation. And to keep pace with his changing needs, we continuously experiment with latest technology and bring out new variants, so that he can proudly flaunt the title of ‘The Frenchie Man’.

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For today's contemporary woman, being trendy doesn't end at outerwear and accessories - appropriate as well as trendy innerwear is a must. Feelings, offers something you can't miss to wear and pamper yourself. The products are designed for the contemporary woman who seeks a balance of style, comfort and fit from her innerwear. The range not only appeals to her aesthetic senses but also addresses her practical concerns.

Feelings range offers fundamental, fancy and functional products that are designed for varied needs of a woman. The products are made from the best fabrics and 100% genuine elastic. Most of the products are designed using fabrics with special Aegis Microbe Shield that provides safe and effective solutions to microbial contamination. Every care has been taken to scientifically design the products that provide support and comfort with an added style quotient.

The products are positioned to appeal to Indian women who are willing to discard mundane underwear for sophisticated products which not only look good but also fit well.

No reason why you should settle for anything less?

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Synonymous to its name the brand is leader among the common Indian males. VIP Leader caters to budget price segment and offers product catering the needs of an average Indian.

The range consists of - Vest, Briefs & Trunks. Leader also offers similar products for the kids.

The brand is positioned to be affordable and comfortable. Each style provides uncompromised quality and functional benefits at most affordable price point. The brand is distributed throughout the country and is well recognized among masses.

The products are made from 100% combed cotton using best quality elastic in most basic color palette. Every product provides unmatched comfort and consistent fit. VIP Leader is a reflection of company's commitment to provide practical and well designed products at most reasonable prices.

VIP Leader is a true leader for masses.






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